The Boston Bar is Massachusetts’ premier legal institution with 13,000+ members drawn from law firms, corporations, government, non-profits, courts & law schools. They sought a logo update that was more closely reflective of the Boston Bar brand, while making smart improvements on functionality and maintaining brand recognition. Keeping the core structure intact, I custom drew the lettering, so it is unique to the Boston Bar – a contrast to the previous logo which used Minion Pro, a very common typeface.

Boston Bar logo before the redesign

The footprint was changed to be more rectangular. In the previous version, the height mismatch between the shield and lettering created awkward empty space above and below the lettering that made layout difficult. Content can now be placed around the new version in a much cleaner way. Additionally, when the logo was listed with others, such as in sponsorship lists, the larger shield and dead space forced the lettering to be smaller, reducing legibility.

The old shield had three crowns, a common symbol of monarchy and the highest class in society – an odd fit for the Boston Bar. By morphing the “BB” monogram into a shield, we have an interesting mark with a much better connection to the Boston Bar. It is rendered in the same style as the lettering, so the entire logo is more cohesive. And since the “BB” initials are included, it is a stronger standalone mark than the previous shield.

The serifs and terminals were simplified to be more geometric and bold. The look of these serifs is a good fit for the Boston Bar, since it’s a modern take on traditional serifs.

The overall look of the new lettering is bolder, which is a good fit for a premier and influential institution.

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